Welcome to A.G. Newcomb!

In 1999, Anita Newcomb started A.G. Newcomb & Co. with a pair of bank clients and a dream of creating a strategic consulting firm focused on regional and community banks that would stand the test of time. When Anita launched the firm, she believed the key to long-term success hinged upon two basic elements: first, quality of wisdom and service provided, and clients retained, and second, richness of relationships that comes with commitment, understanding and longevity.

This philosophy continues to guide the firm today, and as a result our clients typically remain clients for many years. We do not strive to be big for the sake of “bigness,” but rather we strive to be the best as measured by client satisfaction and leadership in our field.

Like most of our regional and community bank clients, we provide the agility and customization of a small firm with the knowledge and experience of a large firm. AGN’s team of expert consultants have over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, including backgrounds in investment banking, strategic planning, consumer and business banking, financial management, operations, finance, and credit management.

These decades of combined professional experience inform our approach to meet each client’s challenges – and opportunities.

Meet the Team

How do you know if you need us?

Ask yourself the following key questions. If you answer “yes” to one or more of the questions, it is highly likely the timing is right for an independent perspective from a notable industry expert:

  • Are you evaluating your current business model to determine ability to create sustainable, profitable growth in the future?
  • Are you under pressure to address lackluster performance?
  • Are you desiring a fresh, outside perspective in your strategic planning process this year?
  • Does your Board wish to have an outside perspective on bank business models, trends and best practices?
  • Do you have a new CEO or President who wishes to take a fresh and comprehensive look at the entire organization and develop a new vision and game plan for the future?
  • Are you wishing to rally a newly expanded senior management team around a unified vision?
  • Do you feel you are jumping from one fire to the next and are overwhelmed with all that needs to be accomplished?
  • Have you recently acquired or merged with another company?
  • Have you recently received a regulatory order that necessitates evaluation of credit management strategies, business plan, and/or management and Board assessments?
  • Are you a mutual converting to a stock institution and in need of assistance in developing the required business plan?