Our Mission: Your bank’’s success is our success, pure and simple.
We strive to be the best as measured by client satisfaction and leadership in our field.

Thinking strategically is a process that A.G. Newcomb has honed during our years of experience working with many senior management teams, CEO’s and bank Boards in developing strategy. We are as passionate as you in creating and sustaining success for your company. A.G. Newcomb’s guiding philosophy is simple: By helping our clients achieve their goals, we achieve our goal.

We are relentless in ensuring the highest quality of wisdom and service provided to each and every client, and the cultivation of rich relationships that comes with commitment, understanding and trust. Like many of our bank clients, our size, expertise and hands-on approach to every engagement set A.G. Newcomb apart from many other firms. We meet every client’s unique situation with sensitivity, clarity and proven perspective, providing the agility and customization of a small firm, combined with the knowledge and experience of a large firm.

Our Five Key Principles

  • AGNewcomb IntegrityWe are reliable and sincere in all our dealings. We say what we mean and do what we say. This is the cornerstone to our mission of creating success for our clients. Most of our clients stay our clients for many years.

  • independent thinking.smIdeas are created when one dares to think of possibilities beyond today. We never stop thinking. We strive to be deliberate, innovative and thoughtful in devising the best approach to your bank’s situation.

  • AGNewcomb communicationWe are honest, open and forthright in all our communication. We always first seek to understand each client’s unique challenges.

  • teamwork.smWe view each relationship as a partnership as we work toward the same goals. Our interactive and participative approach to each assignment enables successful outcomes—both tangible and intangible. We work alongside our client’s senior management team and Board in creating successful outcomes.

  • AGNewcomb confidentialityThe spirit of trust that confidentiality provides is a critical component to building long lasting relationships. We promise to be trustworthy regarding communication and information you share with us.