TomKaneTom Kane, President and Chief Executive Officer, KaneCarlton, LLC,  has 35 years of  experience in trust, private banking, asset management and brokerage. Tom specializes in helping clients review and revise business models for the distribution of wealth management services.  His focus is optimizing results for financial institutions within the brokerage, asset management and trust business lines.  He helps executive managers make informed decisions by providing them with research, competitive intelligence, best practices and innovative, objective solutions to reduce costs, increase profits and gain competitive advantage.

Some of the specific areas in which Tom works with regional and community banks are:

  • Conducting business unit(s) performance and capabilities assessments
  • Developing and implementing interdepartmental integration strategies
  • Reviewing and designing compensation plans
  • Streamlining distribution and operations models
  • Vetting and selecting third-party vendors
  • Leading organizational transformation
  • Updating/installing sophisticated investment management platforms

Tom obtained extensive practical experience through a variety of executive management roles at banks of all sizes, ranging from a de novo community bank to a multinational institution.

Tom is a frequent contributor to Bank Investment Consultant Magazine, BISA OneSource and speaks at many industry events.  He is the author of Wealth Biz Buzz, a thought-provoking blog.