Two sound commercial banks in the Mid-Atlantic with dominant market share in distinctly separate markets were brought together to form a community bank with assets of $1.5 billion. The CEO expanded the senior management team from senior leaders of both banks and enhanced his Board with two new directors from the acquired bank. There was a significant need to unify the senior management team and the Board, merge two distinct cultures, philosophies and operational strategies and develop a common vision and strategic roadmap. In addition, the CEO desired an outsider’s perspective on the bank’s organizational and Board structure and strategic businesses’ potential opportunities.

Insights and Solutions

A.G. Newcomb helped the newly expanded management team and Board coalesce around a shared vision and brought banking best practices with regard to business and operating strategies to the process. A.G. Newcomb led senior management through a comprehensive planning process during which the team together assessed its customers, products, business lines, geographic markets and financial condition as well as the external economic, industry and competitive environment. A five-year vision was developed that clearly articulated the greatly-expanded bank’s competitive strategy / strategic direction with regard to business lines, target customers, geographic focus and financial expectations. A.G. Newcomb assisted the management team in creating a deliberate strategic roadmap with strategic goals and objectives, a prioritization of strategies to achieve their vision and five-year financial projections. A.G. Newcomb facilitated frank, open discussion throughout every phase and built consensus at every step.


This deliberate, interactive planning process resulted in a comprehensive strategic plan. However, as important as the plan were the intangible results–consensus, clarity, commitment and momentum. The team continues to meet quarterly to ensure the bank is on track in achieving its goals, the Board receives updates quarterly and each year the bank conducts an annual strategic planning retreat to discuss and evaluate the bank’s strategic vision and roadmap. A.G. Newcomb communicates quarterly with the bank to monitor plan progression and facilitates the bank’s annual strategic planning each year.