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Highly customized and sophisticated strategic solutions

Since 1999, A.G. Newcomb has helped regional and community banks strategically position themselves to compete head on with a changing environment. With 30 years in the financial services industry, we were created as a strategic consulting firm that provides highly customized and sophisticated strategic solutions for financial institutions.

Many ask us what our “sweet spot” is. Our answer: strategic planning and business planning. It has always been and will continue to be our “core service” to banks. For A.G. Newcomb, strategic planning was the primary service offering when Anita Newcomb founded the firm, and continues to this day. It is the cornerstone of our reputation because it is our focus.

Our knowledge of banking business strategy also informs us with regard to other corporate development activities. We provide advice and counsel in areas such as regulator-mandated management and Board studies (assessments), corporate governance and Board best practices, and capital management strategies.

Like many of our bank clients, our size, expertise and hands-on approach to every engagement set A.G. Newcomb apart from many other firms. We meet every client’s unique situation with sensitivity, clarity and proven perspective, providing the agility and customization of a small firm, combined with the knowledge, experience and sophistication of a large firm.