To create sustainable, profitable growth that is aligned with stakeholder expectations, requires a management structure that is in line with and in support of your bank’s strategic vision and goals, and a Board structure that enables effective and efficient oversight.  In addition, it is critical your bank has a proactive, well-defined vision and approach to corporate governance to ensure sustainability, effectiveness, efficiency and transparency. The corporate governance approach should be aligned with the bank’s strategic goals and objectives while driving competitive advantage and shareholder value.

We have worked with executive management and Boards of banks on management and Board assessments / studies and corporate governance best practices as part of a regulatory order and in the normal course of business.

  • Mgmnt_BoardAssesmentsA.G. Newcomb works with banks on management and Board assessments related to a regulatory order and in the normal course of business. In those engagements that are not regulatory order related, often a bank desires to enhance its organization structure and management team either due to a recent acquisition and resulting expanded management team and Board, or the bank is experiencing continued lackluster performance and a fatigued senior management team.

    How can A.G. Newcomb help you?

    A.G. Newcomb has extensive experience in work with executive management and Boards in performing management and Board assessments. While each bank’s circumstances are unique, A.G. Newcomb has a proven process that begins with first understanding your bank’s operating and business philosophy and strategic vision and goals with a review of bank information and interviews of management and/ or Board members. Our assessment typically includes an evaluation of organization structure, management committee structure, and certain executives individually. For the Board, we typically review and assess, as appropriate, leadership and committee structure, Board composition, Board self-assessments, management information received and other relevant areas.

    Our comprehensive assessment includes not just our findings and recommendations for enhancement of management structure and/or Board, but also specific strategies and a suggested timeline for implementation. The latter helps guide the Board and executive management in determining timing of next steps and suggested approach to implementing recommendations.

  • CorpGovernancePracticesA.G. Newcomb is often asked to work with executive management and Boards on corporate governance best practices. While each institution’s situation is unique, we are often asked to work with banks on the following:

    • Board’s leadership structure and committee structure. In particular, best practices and trends regarding use of Lead Director when Chairman is not independent, and committee structure and charters.
    • Development of Board self-assessment and individual member assessment.
    • Evaluation of composition of Board.
    • Evaluation of management information received and guidance on optimum management information presentment in support of Board’s responsibilities.