Like our constituents, A.G. Newcomb continues to grow and evolve.  We are always striving to reach new goals for ourselves as well as our clients, and would like to share some of our recent successes.

Anita Newcomb joined the Board of Directors of Luther Burbank Savings and Luther Burbank Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA, August 2014.  She serves on the Audit Committee and is Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Anita Newcomb discusses the state of banking and the potential consolidation of the industry in this interview. “2013 Outstanding Alumna”, The SOA Connection, Auburn University, School of Accountancy, Fall 2013 Edition.

Anita Newcomb appointed to a second term of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond — Baltimore Branch, January 1, 2013.

Anita Newcomb appointed to the Board of Advisers of The American Association of Bank Directors’ Institute for Bank Director Education.